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The Artcoater - Disc Lacquer & Protection System

Key Features
Disc Capacity
250 Discs
Speed / Throughput
35 Seconders per disc (Approx 100 Per Hour)
330mm x 700mm x 750mm
Air Input
External Air Supply Required*
70 (PSI) 6 BAR - 15 Ltr Tank Recommended
UV Lacquer
Coats 7,000 120mm discs per litre (approx)
UV Lamp Operation
5,000 hours (approx)
Extraction **
Included. In-line unit for removing fumes & heat generated by the unit
*Air supply not included as standard but available
**System needs to be vented to outside atmosphere

The revolutionary Artcoater provides a very fine UV protective finish for inkjet printed CD's & DVD's providing protection for the artwork from smudging and handling.

The Artcoater is a standalone 250 disc robot auto load/unload unit, with a cycle time of approx 35 seconds. Using UV (Ultra Violet) technology a clear coating of approximately 3 microns is applied evenly over the printed surface of the disc resulting in 'instant-dry' which enables the operator to place the disc directly into a PVC wallet without sticking.

'Adjustable Coating Head Technology' allows the user to fine tune the process to achieve the desired finish from full gloss to satin depending on preference and disc surface type. Unlike other disc-coating methods the 'Adjustable Coating Head Technology' is designed with minimal maintenance in mind. Clean and virtually odourless, the Artcoater is designed to be used in a printing and duplication environment, with the benefit of low cost consumables

The Artcoater needs an air supply and Handisc can provide a compressor with the system if needed.

With a cost of around 1p per lacquer, there are plenty of reasons to see why there is only one solution, when it comes to coating your discs


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For more information on the Artcoater please contact us on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk




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