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Microboards Print Factory 3 (PF-3)

Microboards PF-3 Printer
Key Features
Disc Capacity
N/A (Print only)
Print Resolution
4800 dpi
Typical Weekly Throughput
100 - 250
2 - CMY & K
PC Requirements
Operating System
Windows 2000, Vista 32, XP & Windows 7
Mac  10.4, 10.5 or 10.6 (Intel chipset only)
P4 3.0 GHz or higher
512MB minimum. 1GB recommended
Hard Drive
1 - 7200 RPM IDE or SATA
USB 2.0 required
Buy PF-3 Printer

Printing high-quality, professionally finished CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs is fast, affordable, and radically simple with the Print Factory 3. The printing process is easy, with a radically intuitive interface that anyone can operate; and its 100-disc capacity enables unattended printing. Simply set it up, walk away, and get on with business while the Print Factory 3 does the rest of the work for you. Utilizes' our disc handling technology for a smoother, cleaner image and proven HP inkjet technology and vibrant HP Vivera inks, you’ll enjoy great-looking results. In fact, your discs shine bright and make the desired impact with brilliant colour, in text and graphics, disc after disc after disc..

Schools, sales and marketing departments, government offices, videographers, recording studios and churches alike will benefit from the ease, speed, affordability, and professional results derived from the Print Factory 3. You are certain to make a positive impression with finished CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs that look amazing, thanks to HP inkjet technology and the vibrant colour's derived from HP Vivera inks. When you use the Print Factory 3, the process of producing professionally finished discs in mid-to-high volumes is nearly effortless. Anyone, even novice users can easily operate the printer, thanks to a radically intuitive user interface. Set it up and walk away. The 100-disc capacity enables automatic unattended printing of all your discs.

The industrial Microboards Print Factory 3 is your answer to printing discs quickly and cost-effectively delivering discs with both text and graphics in less than 20 seconds. SureThing label design software enables you to create labels with a professional flair. And whether you’re printing full-colour, full-coverage discs or light coverage with text only, you’ll enjoy results of the highest quality. Our 4th generation disc handling technology provides smooth, clean images; and HP inkjet technology, with vibrant HP Vivera inks, provides consistently brilliant colour in text and images on each and every disc.

Handisc offer a range of support levels to ensure peace of mind. The Microboards PF-3 or Print Factory 3 comes with 1 years back to base warranty but this can be extended if needed.


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For more information on the Microboards PF-3 please contact us on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk




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