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The Da Vinci 6 Disc Printer

Da Vinci Printer
Key Features
Disc Capacity
6 Discs
Speed / Throughput
35 Seconds per disc (Approx 100 Per Hour)
Operating System
Infinity CIS (Continuous Ink System) C,LC,M,LM,Y,K
Supported Formats
CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, 8cm Disc, Business Card Disc
5760 x 2880 dpi
Cost Per Print
Approx 5p per disc (6 colour Balanced, Full Coverage)
Call 01264 335118

The Da Vinci 6 is a multi-purpose, entry-level professional printing machine for the printing of digital media such as CD's, DVD's, mini CD's and CD business cards. This new high quality machine has been designed for professional users such as printers, recording studio's, marketing companies, DVD production companies and CD duplication companies.

Using advanced inkjet technology, the DaVinci Multi can rapidly print 6 standard CD's in a single pass and can deliver full-colour photo realistic print quality. Using metal parts, the Da Vinci has been designed and built for professional use on a daily basis. In addition to this, the new DaVinci CD printer utilises the infinity ink system whereby the user can refill the ink tanks ensuring a low cost per disc and also comes with 3 'trays', enabling the printer to accommodate standard CD's, DVD's, mini discs and business card CD's. Handisc are also able to create custom trays for products such USB business cards.

  • High Speed 6 colour CD / DVD Inkjet Printer
  • Photographic Quality
  • Refillable Ink Tanks for cost effective per disc print
  • Mac / PC software
  • Easy use - high throughput
  • Ideal Partner product for Manual Duplication Towers
  • Durable professional design with metal parts
  • Optional 8cm and business card CD caddies
Da Vinci CIS

Low Costs Per CD - The INFINITY Ink System

The Da Vinci 6 Printer uses the INFINITY bulk ink system. Four separate CYMK tanks provide a 2500 disc capacity reservoir, each can be independently refilled, easily and quickly, ensuring that the operator only uses the ink needed and giving unprecedented low running costs.

In addition to the advantages of the Infinity ink system, the DaVinci connects to the Mac/PC using USB, therefore enabling multiple machines to be connected to a single Mac/PC.

Design and Print Software

The Da Vinci Multi comes complete with the DISCUS Design & Print software that will run on MAC or PC. The easy to use DISCUS software will enable you to create professional high quality designs for your clients.

Speed and Reliability

The DaVinci range of machines have gained a reputation for their speed and reliability. You will be able to print over 100 CD’s per hour and over 200 business cards per hour - and be sure of a consistent quality of print.

The DaVinci is built using metal parts and has been designed for industrial use. Many of our customers run a number of Da Vinci’s in parallel, enabling them to handle high volume orders. Handisc has also gained a reputation for its high level of customer support and product backup, so you can be sure that every machine delivers on its promise.

For more information on the Da Vinci Printer please contact us on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk




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