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The Picasso - Automated Disc Printer

Picasso Disc Printer
Key Features
Disc Capacity
300 or 700 Discs
Speed / Throughput
Up to 45 Discs per Hour
Operating System
Infinity CIS (Continuous Ink System) C,LC,M,LM,Y,K
Supported Formats
CD, DVD, DVD+DL & Blu-Ray
5760 x 2880 dpi
Cost Per Print
Approx 5p per disc (6 colour Balanced, Full Coverage)
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The Picasso 300 and Picasso 700 are professional level CD printing machines capable of unmanned production of up to 300 and 700 CDs, DVDs or Blu Ray discs respectively. With advanced features such as an electronic clutch, the Picasso 300/700 offers the highest levels of quality of print and repeatability and a smooth, quiet operation. In addition, the Picasso is robustly manufactured with an accurate and reliable disk picking system.

With a USB 2 connection, the Picasso 700 will operate with both PC and MAC computers.

Low Costs Per CD - The INFINITY Ink System

Based on its propriety INFINITY bulk ink system the Picasso 300 & 700 brings exceptional profit performance to your business. Four separate CYMK tanks provide a 3500 disc capacity* reservoir, each can be independently refilled, easily and quickly, ensuring that you only use the ink needed and giving unprecedented low running costs.

* full disc printed at balanced colour usage all four colour's.

Design and Print Software

The Picasso 300/700 CD printer comes complete with the DISCUS Design & Print software that will run on MAC or PC. The easy to use DISCUS software will enable you to create professional high quality designs for your clients

Handisc offer a range of support levels to ensure peace of mind. The Picasso comes with 1 years back to base warranty but this can be extended if needed.


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For more information on the Picasso please contact us on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk





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