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PrintMaster - Micro Industrial Printer

Printmaster - Digital Printer

The PrintMaster is a digital industrial inkjet printing machine that complements traditional screen printing techniques. Capable of printing on anything from USB memory drives, plastic parts, CD promotion tins, CD / DVD discs, fascia panels and even glass, the new PrintMaster offers a fast and flexible approach to low and medium volume production

High Quality Digital Print - on most everything...

The PrintMaster employs Epson Micro Piezo head technology using a variable-sized droplet format to ensure superb colour management and a high-resolution performance. The PrintMaster can print a broad range of media up to a size of A3+ 390mm by 520mm.

The PrintMaster is currently being used to print on a broad range of surfaces ranging from electronic circuit boards and control panels to decorative tin boxes, USB sticks and consumable products.

Whatever the project, the high quality of the print and the depth of colour will ensure that your customers' expectations are exceeded time and again.

Fast and Responsive - helping you win business and maximise profits...

For low to medium run production, the PrintMaster is the modern alternative to pad-printing and screen printing. With minimal set up time and instant production, providing proofs is low cost and easy, giving you a clear advantage over the competition and providing your customers with the highest level of customer service.

Environmentally - a refreshing change...

No solvents, no screens, no cleaning down - the PrintMaster not only offers an environmentally friendly approach to industrial printing, it is also a clean and highly efficient way of working. With its small footprint and its quiet and low odour performance, the PrintMaster can be operated in an office environment.

You Will Be Amazed at What is Possible.

Since we started developing with the PrintMaster, we have been amazed by its quality of print and the many surfaces which we have been able to use as a print medium. Whatever the challenge, we have been able to provide bespoke 'flatbed trays' and assist with the setting up of the PrintMaster. Indeed, the durability of the print is as impressive as the quality of the image itself.

Print Samples

Print Samples




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