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Microtech Xpress XE - Auto Printer

Microtech Xpress XE Autoprinter
Xpress XE Autoprinter Features
Disc Capacity
200 Discs
Disc Formats Supported
CD-R / DVD-R / DL DVD / Blu-Ray / Wii
One of the following
XstreamJet - Full Colour Inkjet
Xpression - Black Thermal
Teac P55 - Full Colour Thermal
Modular (Hot Swap)
Embedded (320GB Storage, 100/1000)
Other Key Features
Job Queuing
Serialisation, Merge & Barcode Printing
Over prints on to Silk Screened Discs
Installation and Training Included
Onsite Service & Support Options Available
Optional Extras
ImageAligner (Alignment tool for over printing)

The Microtech Xpress XE AutoPrinter is designed for medium volume CD, DVD, DL DVD & Blu-Ray printing. It has an embedded PC and can be network controlled if needed. It is available with one of the following printers.

XstreamJet - A high quality, full colour Inkjet printer that runs a bulk Ink CIS system. This is the lowest cost per print you can get using Inkjet technology but you don't sacrifice the quality. The Continuous Ink System on the XstreamJet can be topped up while the printer is running which means no more stopping to swap a cartridge or waiting late for the Ink to run out. Max cost per print - 3p

Xpression - Black thermal printer that gives you 24/7 disc printing. The Xpression is a fast, low cost and efficient printer that really makes the most of you 600 disc capacity. Max cost per print - 1.5p

Teac P-55C - This is a full colour thermal printer that offers outstanding photo quality prints. This is not the cheapest form of printing but if high quality glossy print is needed then the Teac P-55C is the printer to choose. Why not swap between the Xpression and the Teac P-55C to get the most out of your system. Max cost per print - 39p using Photo Ribbon.

The Microtech Xpress XE AutoPrinter also has modular robotics that make servicing and repairs simple and fast, meaning down time is minimal.

Here are a few features that help separate the Microtech Xpress XE AutoPrinter from the rest:

Serialisation - The Xpress also comes standard with the ability to link merge files and import system data such as time & date. This feature is great if you need to print unique serial numbers, address data or anything that perhaps changes disc to disc. People often print serial numbers in the form or barcodes meaning discs can be scanned in and out of offices or mastering labs.

Disc Over Printing - You can add the ImageAligner 2 camera to the Microtech Xpress Autoprinter which gives you the ability to over print directly onto pre-printed discs. This is often used to add a serial number, version or unique data to a mass produced disc. Mass silk screening you disc is very cheap and using the ImageAligner just allows you to personalise each of those mass production discs.

Handisc offer a range of support levels to ensure peace of mind. The Microtech Xpress XE AutoPrinter comes with 1 years Back to Base warranty but this can be upgraded to a onsite agreement if needed. These can run up to 5 years. We can also support or repair a system that wasn't supplied by Handisc.

Need low cost, bulk, full colour, inkjet printing?

Why not attach a Bulk Ink XstreamJet Printer to your Microtech Xpress and enjoy amazing print quality at a fraction of the price.

XstreamJet Printer

For more information on the Microtech Xpress Range please contact us on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk





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