Dec 14

Who invented the USB Key?

With all good ideas, everyone likes to think they were the first to think of it and the case is no different to when it is discussed as to who invented the USB flash drive.

Currently there are 4 entities who believe they are the original inventors:

  • Dov Moran of M-Systems,
  • Pua khein of Phision Electronics,
  • Trek Technology and
  • Netac Technology.

Trek and Netac Tecnology tried with some success in protecting their patents, however it is thought that most companies that do manufacture USB flash drives, do so without regard to their patents!

Various USBs hit the markets from 1998 onwards, with some believing that M-Systems where the first to manufacture.  In 2000 Trek Technology sold a USB model under the brand name “ThumbDrive” whilst IBM sold the “DiskOnKey” developed and manufactured by M-Systems.  Regardless the introduction of the USB in 2000 was considered a great advancement, with it’s 8MB capacity being 5 x the capacity of the then common floppy disk.

USB Keys have now reached dizzy heights with capacities up to 64GB, manufactured in pretty much every shape desired and seen as a compulsory accessory on most office desks.

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