Apr 06

When is a copy not a copy?

When you are looking to have your product or data put onto USB Key or Hard Drive ready for distribution or backup. You need to ensure the copies you get back are what they say they are. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing someone to duplicate your product.

There are a few companies that offer duplication but not all of them offer professional duplication.

If you are supplying the USB Keys or hard drives to be copied

  • Will the keys be formatted first as part of the duplication to ensure the keys truly are blank and that no old formatting is kept.
  • The USB keys or hard drives are copied on professional duplication equipment. Make sure your supplier isn’t cutting corners and using the “copy/paste” function on a PC to copy.
  • Duplicate using “bit for bit” only. Professional duplicators only copy using this method as it’s the only way to ensure your copies really are exact copies.
  • Virus Screening – Make sure your master is virus screened as any problems with the master will be on the copies.

If you are buying the USB keys or hard drives from as part of the duplication

  • Make sure the USB keys contain only the highest grade memory. A USB key might have the same outer shell but if the memory inside is not good you will have issues. This can effect transfer speed from the key, file corruption or loss as well as compatibility issues with PCs, laptops and other playback devices. Just because a USB key looks the same on the outside does not mean it has good memory. You do get what you pay for. All of our USB Keys come with a 10 year warranty as we’re that confident in the quality.
  • If you’re being supplied with duplicated hard drives. Ensure your supplier puts the hard drives back in their original boxes so the serial numbers match up. This makes life a lot easier for you to track your hard drives once you start shipping them out.

These might sound like obvious things to look out for but they are important. Please feel free to talk to our Sales or Support Teams if you would like to talk any of this through or need any help.

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