Nov 03

What are the benefits of leasing my printer?

When it comes to the crunch and you realise that your old label printer cannot cope with the demands your business is now putting upon it, but the outlay of a bigger system seems daunting, the option of Leasing could be exactly what your business requires.

Key Benefits of Leasing:

  • 100% Tax Efficient
  • Fixed Payments
  • Seasonal Payments
  • Deferred Payments

Leasing, is a great option to not only spread the cost, but also benefit your business’s cash flow, allowing you to keep cash in the bank for when you most need it.  Leasing also easily demonstrates your return on investments.  Whilst paying monthly you can see exactly what the printer is costing you per month, against how much it is saving you in comparison to your old printer or outsourcing.

Did you know all lease rental payments are 100% tax allowable against profits?  Great for letting your profits work harder and with all payments based on a fixed interest (even if the bank base rates increase), that’s due to inflation, the true cost of leasing actually reduces over the period of borrowing.

Most business have seasonal fluctuations and leasing can take this into consideration, with the option of building in“ seasonal repayment holidays” which can match your income profile.

If you fear that you need to try and wait until next year’s budget, you could opt in for the deferred payment scheme, whereby you can still purchase now, but defer payments for up to 6 months.

Leasing Example:

Cost of the Afinia L801 over 3 years: £5,995*

This equates to £229.11* per month over 3 years

*All pricing excluding VAT

Handisc Label Solutions

For more information on Leasing Options, please contact us at info@handisc.co.uk and we can happily put together an example quote for you.