Nov 01

We don’t just duplicate CD’s…………

Alongside our ever trusty CD & DVD duplicators, here at Handisc we can also offer a helping hand with duplicating/copying/printing the following:

  • Blu-ray: 25GB, 50GB and coming soon 100GB
  • USB Keys / Pen Drives: either supplied by the customer or supplied by Handisc
  • Hard Disk Drives – SATA / IDE / External USB: again either supplied by customer or Handisc
  • SD and Compact Flash Cards

All our duplication is professional “bit for bit” duplication.  We don’t link hard drives to a PC  and “Copy/Paste” and we don’t use our PCs to duplicate your USBs.  All of our duplication is carried out on standalone professional duplication equipment. This enables us to ensure that each disc, USB Key, hard disk drive or flash storage device is exactly the same as your master.  With our capacity to duplicate 30+ 1TB hard disk drives a day, we are also incredibly efficient.

Not only at Handisc do we duplicate, but we can erase, test and verify your USB Keys , hard disk drives, SD or CF.  Maybe weekly or monthly you need your data storage devices completely erasing, ready for the next use.  Well here at Handisc we can do all this for you, freeing up your companies PCs and your valuable time.

None of our duplication services come with a minimum order quantity, so whether you have 1 or 100,000 USB Keys, hard disk drives, SD or Compact Flash Cards. Don’t hesitate to contact Handisc’s Duplication Team.

01254 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk. Or check out our main website to see more details of the services we offer. www.handisc.co.uk

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