Apr 11

We can upload, re-load or wipe data to and from your USB sticks.

Whether you have been let down by another supplier, had a last minute change to your data or simply just couldn’t get your content ready in time, Handisc can upload or re-load data to your pre branded USB sticks. Even if you didn’t buy the USB Keys from Handisc we can still duplicate or format them for you.

We have the best available duplication equipment in our Hampshire based offices and have a large capacity for duplicating any style of USB stick. We insure all data we duplicate is copied bit for bit and is 100% verified and virus free.

Custom USB Key Copying

Custom USB Key Copying

Our duplication service is very flexible and not restricted to the usual 9:00am-5:30pm Monday to Friday so do give us a call even if other suppliers have told you your deadline is not achievable.

We would always recommend you use a supplier such as ourselves who only use the highest grade flash memory, but if you haven’t and need a little help with the damage limitation then our data upload service may just be just the answer.

Call our Sales Team on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk

Thank you

Handisc Team