Aug 13

We are Handisc & A tip for you iPod

So we might be a relatively new company but we have a lot of experience.




What we aim to do on this blog is offer advice, latest news and throw in some great tips. These tips might be to get the most out of you disc duplicator or just something interesting we’ve picked up along the way.

To start off here’s a little tip on getting the most out of your ipod.

When you buy tracks online or import music into your iTunes Library you quite often find the volume levels vary from track to track. When listening on a PC this perhaps isn’t so obvious but if you’re anything like me and you use your ipod outside, at the gym or on a plane you really start to notice the volume differences. You end up turning the volume right up and then back down for the next song.

Here’s what you can do resolve this. In iTunes, go to your library and select a track. Right click on the track and select GET INFO.

Then go to the OPTIONS tab and you will see VOLUME ADJUSTMENT. Then just set the track to whatever you want. To change multiple tracks just highlight them all before you right click to start this process.

One thing you might want to do is to just increase the volume to max anyway. I find that when sat on a train and that acoustic track comes on I would just like to the option to go louder. OK I could invest in different headphones but just increasing the volume slightly helps and adjusting this setting to max does increase the overall volume your ipod will output too.

Of course if you find this too loud or start to here ringing in your ears then please stop. This is not designed to deafen you and you should always listen to music at a safe level.

Well that’s just something to start us off but we will regularly update this blog so please subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out.

Thank you

Alex Ashur