Mar 02

Use both physical & digital to get the most from your data

As a duplication company we hear all the time “oh the disc is old technology” and “we have no need, we are online,” but the truth is there is still a place in society for the disc.

Take the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service, they were recently in the BBC News having decided to create a promotional DVD to attract women into becoming fire fighters.  They could have created an online campaign, sent emails to schools, but now they decided to create something “physical” that can be given to the individual.  The chances of someone reading and taking something in is a much higher percentage when given something to hold, to see, to have than it is against a supposed “junk mail” email that can be promptly discarded after simply reading the subject header.

Here at Handisc, we frequently have up and coming bands wanting to create their first taster album to give away at gigs and send to recording labels and studios.  When asked why not utilise YouTube, email, Facebook, they simply answer that by creating something physical they create a lasting memory, rather than a momentary thought. Combining both the physical and digital looks to be the way forward with links from the discs to sites and so on.

So be it promotional, professional or functional the CD and DVD is still very popular in our customer’s and in Handisc’s eyes.  For help with your next disc production, be it short run disc duplication, or large run replication why not contact our Production Team on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk.