Aug 13

The USB Key but not as we know it.

Ok, so when is a USB Key not a USB Key? Well I guess when it’s a Lego man, wrist strap, credit card, Burger, twig or even a key…………….the list goes on.

So it seems the only limitation with USB Key’s is our imagination. This is what makes it the ideal tool to get your data recognised. If you’re sending out your catalogue, presentation or any promotional info then there is no better way to stand out from the rest.

We’ve found that USB Keys have become very popular for several reasons.

  • Shape and Size – You decide how you want it to look
  • Branding – Have your details, logo or artwork printed directly onto the Key
  • Cost – Pricing has dropped dramatically over the past two years making USB Keys a viable option.
  • Capacity – With sizes up to 128GB you’ll never have to worry about space.
  • Data Speeds – The transfer speeds from a USB are far greater than CD or DVD so if it’s high def video you’re playing from it then you’ll have no issues with stuttering and buffering
  • Be Remembered – The USB key is useful to and can be re-used. If it carries your branding then your customer may well take that information where ever they go. This is great advertising but will ensure you’re not forgotten.
  • Security – Encrypted keys are available which have a secure, password protected partition. Using 256AES encryption you can be assured that if the key got into the wrong hands your data would be safe.

Here are a couple of example keys but to see more of our range go to http://www.handisc.co.uk/Branded-USB-Keys-Cards-Bands.html

Thank you

Alex Ashur

Handisc Limited