Mar 28

The Rise & Rise of USB Key Costs

Over the past few years, we have been in the enviable position of the pricing for USB Memory Sticks becoming a viable purchase for most companies, however it looks like there is potential for the USB market to take quite a substantial u-turn.

With all the delight that the new era of Smart Phones bring,  the demand for their greatness also equates to a huge demand for memory chips.  With the Smart Phone industry being more lucrative, the memory chip manufacturers (40% being dominated by Samsung) are now moving their attention away from supplying memory chips for the USB market onto the Smart Phone market.  What does this mean to the USB?  In short, we are currently and are predicted to continually see a rise in the cost of USBs, as stock for the memory chips becomes competitive in market where demand is out weighing supply.  As a result where previously USB memory stick pricing would be stable for 10 days plus, we are now experiencing fluctuations on a daily basis.

Blue USB Key

Our advice here at Handisc?  If you are requesting pricing for USBs for a future proposal, leave an extra margin to encompass a potential increase in price.  If you are looking at purchasing promotion stock?  Ask about reserving stock today.  Wanting USB memory under 4GB?  Again ask about reserving stock, as it is likely that manufacturing will reduce further on the lower capacity stock first.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Handisc Team.

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