Nov 07

The Epson PP100 just got a make over…. meet the Epson PP-100II

The Epson PP-100 Disc Producer, with its Best In Class accuracy, really has become one of the industry’s leading disc duplicating and inkjet printing system.  Once again Epson have listened to what our customers want and the PP-100, now known as the PP-100II has been tweaked to become even better.

The USB 2.0 connectivity has been upgraded to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface, making your disc publishing a more efficient and time economical procedure.  The user can now also control drive and maintenance cartridge replacements, meaning no costly downtime.  The much loved Total Disc Maker software now has the new “Merge & Print” feature, which burns and prints automatically individual content onto each disc surface, enabling easier batch production.  Add these new features to the already all singing and all dancing PP-100, and the PP-100II stands to continue leading the way forward for in house disc production.


If you would like more information on the Epson PP-100II please contact our team on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk.