Dec 19

The Epson Discproducer Family and how it’s still growing.

Since its launch in February 2008, the Epson PP-100 has taken the disc duplication industry by storm.  Rapidly becoming one of the most popular disc publishers to date, the 2 drive, 100 disc capacity, Epson PP-100 stands out from a crowd and as such has seen new additions to its family.  With the other 5 Epson PP’s being based around the same robotics and printer as the Epson PP-100, the Epson range now includes:

  • Epson PP-50: baby brother to the Epson PP-100 with just one 1 drive and 50 disc capacity
  • Epson PP-50BD:  the Blu-ray version: 1 BD-R drive, 50 disc capacity and available January 2012
  • Epson PP-100AP (Auto Printer):  is everything the Epson PP-100 is, but just prints, no recorders
  • Epson PP-100N (Network): has the added bonus of being able to sit and function on your office network
  • Epson PP-100NS (Secure): sits on your network, but ideal for confidential disc burning, with its pin protected cover and electronic authorisation


Epson Discproducer PP50

Epson Discproducer PP50

All the Epson PP-50 and PP-100’s come with their first year onsite Epson support as standard, but for added peace of mind and reassurance, Epson have created 3 excellent support packages:

  • Epson PP-50/100 – 3 year onsite
  • Epson PP-50/100 – 5 year onsite (**released only in November 2011)
  • Epson PP-50/100 – 3-5 year extended onsite

Coupled with Handisc’s 14 years technical service and support experience, there really is no better solution!

For full spec sheets why not visit our Epson Micro Site www.epson-pp100.co.uk or our main website http://handisc.co.uk/Epson-PP100-Range.html

Alternatively call our Epson Discproducer Team today on 01264 335118 or Email info@handisc.co.uk