Sep 29

The Art of Packaging

At Handisc we take as much pride in the packaging of our CDs and DVDs as we do with the discs themselves.  With a wide range of “off the shelf” packaging options, like jewel cases, shell cases, DVD cases and our even more extensive custom made options, printed to your own design. Handisc’s productions always stand out from the crowd.

Our Duplication Team will walk you through printed card wallets, to FSC Certified Digi Packs.  We can make a DVD case look individual and a jewel case look like it’s ready to jump from the shelves.  Our wide range of options mean we can suit every pocket. From simple solutions like a foam spider to attach a disc to a document or a customised metal tin, to give your disc the wow factor, Handisc can help.

Custom Printed Digipack

Custom Printed Digipack

Our artwork guidelines and print specifications are available for all our packaging so you need not shy away from the exciting design of the Jakebox or the first time design of a printed sleeve.

We are also super green too…… at your request we can use FSC certified paper and card, recycled components and we can also help you dispose safely of your discs once your finished. We always separate the components and recycle!

Have a special requirement such as Braille embossing? Not a problem, talk through your requirements with a member of our Duplication Team and we will have your project up and running in no time.

Not forgetting USB Key Packaging.  We also offer both off the shelf, custom made and custom branded blister packs, metal tins, magnetic tins and printed lanyards to enhance your newly printed USBs!

Branded Metal Tins for USB Keys

Branded Metal Tins for USB Keys

Call 01264 335118 or Email info@handisc.co.uk for more information and samples of what we can produce.

Thank you

Handisc Duplication Team