Jan 03

How do I deliver my Talking Newspaper or Audio Books on USB Key?

Here at Handisc we have a long and established relationship with charities such as Calibre Audio Library, in assisting the process of bringing audio (also known as Talking) books, magazines and newspapers to the blind or partially sighted.  In past years, cassettes were the desired format for being able to re-record book, after newspaper, after book, but with the progression in technology, CDs gradually replaced the cassette.  Unlike cassettes many of the Talking Newspapers and charities, opted to use the write once version CD-R, whereby once listened to the CD was merely disposed of (many choose to have the discs shredded or recycled at Handisc).  However of late the CD is, like the cassette becoming out dated and being replaced with USB Keys (want to read more about USB Keys? Look at our blog USBs Explained).

Reverting back to a similar process as cassette duplication, the Talking Newspapers or Audio Books are being uploaded to the USB keys and sent to the end users.  Once the user has finished with the USB Key. They are returned to the various organisations, the content is erased and the USB Key is ready for the cycle to begin again.  Fortunately USB keys, can be copied and erased in bulk, making a once quite labour intensive process somewhat easier.  Also by offering Talking Newspapers or Audio Books onto USB Keys, they are incredibly robust, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with or without lids, meaning that there is a style that is suitable for all end users.

Our knowledgeable Account Managers here Handisc, have looked at what technology best suits charities and organisations such as the Talking Newspaper teams and have come up with the top 2 items required to get your audio books, newspapers or magazines onto USB Keys:

The USB Key Duplicator range allows up to 15 USB Keys to be copied or erased at any one time.  From experience the Twister series USB Key has proven to be most popular, as a simple rotation exposes the USB Connection and with the option of adding a key ring or lanyard makes them extremely easy to handle.

Twister Series USB Key

Twister Series or Butterfly USB Key

For further information on how Handisc can help you create your Talking Newspaper or Audio Book onto USB Key, contact our experienced team today on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk.  Alternatively, take a look at our Talking Newspaper/Audio Book web page. Talking Newspaper Page

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Justine Clarke

Handisc Limited