Feb 01

Software, Game and Data Providers – Here’s why you can’t afford NOT to buy the Microtech Xpress

Piracy, illegal replication or posting of software and content has always been a problem and it’s only getting worse. There are lots of ways out there to “secure” your data and lots of rules to stick to that will help ensure no data gets lost, misplaced or stolen.

Adding security does cost though and this can either be in the form of a secure disc, hard drive or USB Key. Lot’s of secure options come with ongoing licence costs maybe per record or wrap and they still don’t really solve your issue.

One form of security that often gets overlooked is having the ability to track your data. Ok, this doesn’t lock down or encrypt your data but you would be surprised how well people look after their data if it contains a unique code that’s assigned to them. This code is called a fingerprint and it’s an embedded number that cannot be removed or even traced. If this data appears online or you find physical copies they can all be traced back to the original owner of the data.

Whats are the advantages of fingerprinting?

  • Each disc is unique.
  • You can choose exactly where the fingerprint is in the data and what it is.
  • We give you the ability to fingerprint but we couldn’t find your fingerprint in the data as it could be anywhere and look like anything. Only you will have the ability to find the fingerprint once it’s embedded.
  • Using the Micortech Xpress you can still mass produce your discs with printing but each disc will remain unique.
  • Barcoding, serialisation and merge printing allow you to print directly onto the disc surface. This print data can be unique as well so each disc is produced for it’s intended owner. Ideal for scanning discs in and out of the secure area.
  • Fingerprint any ISO 9660 image. This means you can fingerprint any data CD, DVD, DVD+DL or Blu-Ray disc.
  • No costs per disc or ongoing licence fee. This feature comes included¬†standard on the Microtech Xpress range.
  • Games Developers – All Xbox 360, PS3 & PC code can be fingerprinted

If you would like to find out more on fingerprinting or to talk through and security issues you might have then please feel free to call our Technical Team on 01264 335118 or email them at support@handisc.co.uk.

Link to the Microtech Xpress Range – http://www.handisc.co.uk/Microtech-Xpress-Range.html

Thank you

Alex Ashur