Aug 13

So Blu-Ray just isn’t big enough?

Who would have thought it but we’re now physically copying data that’s too big for even Dual Layer Blu-Ray. So where do we go from here?
Hard Disks!

OK, It sounds expensive & slow but if you have a lot of data to move or backup it really starts to make sense.

So what advantages are there to using hard drives?

    • Capacity – Go as big as you like
    •  Security – There are numerous secure hard drives available
    • Connectivity – External USB / SATA and Internal IDE / SATA can be duplicated meaning no matter what type of drive you want to supply they can all be duplicated.
    • Cost – With the price of hard drives as low as ever. The fact that they can be re-used and that they hold so much more information makes them cost effective.
    • Speed – Greater read/write speeds with the hard disk


This leads to the next question – Is there a professional, secure way to duplicate hard drives?
The M6310 supplied by Handisc allows you to duplicate up to 10 hard drives at once using “bit for bit” technology. This means that there is no chance the format or data will be changed during copying. The M6300 can verify the data if needed but does standard check sum comparisons as parts of the copy process.
For more information on the M6300 -


So you don’t want to buy a duplicator but you still need hard drives copied?
Why not use Handisc’s duplication service. Our professional duplication service will ensure you get exact copies giving you peace of mind.

We can duplicate USB, IDE or SATA disks with no size limit.

For more on our duplication service – http://www.handisc.co.uk/Hard-Disk-Duplication.html

Feel free to contact us and we can help you with your hard drive duplication/copy needs.

Thank you

Alex Ashur