Aug 13

QR Codes – The Message Within

In a world where less is more and the way to say what you mean, is to say nothing at all. What new tools can we use to get our message across without looking like we have anything to say.

QR Codes

A QR Code (See left) is a 2 dimensional, datamatrix barcode that’s designed to be decoded at very high speeds.

These came about because of the ever growing need for additional data to be stored in a barcode. In Japan the motor industry used to mark all of it’s parts with these codes before more commercial organisations started to take notice.

Mobile phones are the single biggest driver of QR Codes at the moment with virtually any modern camera phone able to use them. Most Nokia phones have the ability as standard and on an iPhone you can download the “Neoreader” app for free.

So how do they work?

When you run any of the apps on your phone they basically pop up and request you to take a picture. You hold your phone up to the code and snap! The app then decodes the hidden data and you’re immediately taken off to where the code specifies.

Examples of it’s use:

  • Link to a URL / webpage
  • Download a Mp3, Video or Game
  • Take you to a registration or activation page. This is a popular way of catching peoples data and maybe allowing them to download extra functions, information or even a hidden level on a game
  • Dial a number or send an email. Ticket lines in Japan use this method when advertising concerts.

How much data can you fit into a QR Code?

  • Numeric characters only – 7089
  • Alphanumeric characters – 4296

You can have multiple QR Codes in one image so the amount of data held increase again.

Where will you see them?

Posters, T-Shirts, Games, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, online, Business Cards, Tattoos………and the list goes on. Any where that can take a label, be printed on or display an image.

Useful Links
QR Code Conception, Design, Creation and Printing – Digital Media Solutions

Nokia Codes – http://mobilecodes.nokia.com/

iPhone – Just search for Neoreader in iTunes

Why not have a go and scan the code above!!