Dec 02

Product Spotlight: Microboards Print Factory 3 (PF-3)

On demand disc printing in your office, means you never have to experience the dread of opening the stationary cupboard, to find that no one has reordered your custom printed discs.  With the Microboards Print Factory 3 (PF-3) you can print exactly how many discs you want, when you want!

Print Factory 3 PF-3
Print Factory 3 PF-3

With software for both PC and Mac, inkjet printing discs is available to everyone.  A simple USB 2.0 connection, gives you access to the Microboards PF-3’s SureThing Label Design Software, which allows you to create the ultimate disc design and with an average print speed of less than 20 seconds, disc printing doesn’t get much more efficient!

The Microboards Print Factory 3 has the well known look and feel of Microboards equipment, its incredibly easy to set up so even the most inexperienced disc printer feels at home with the PF3.  With it’s 100 disc capacity, the Print Factory 3, can be left unattended to print your discs and let you get on with your day to day business.  The PF-3 utilises HP Inkjet technology and the vibrant HP Vivera Inks, offering a smoother, cleaner print and when used with Falcon Smart Guard discs, you have a truly outstanding, professional inkjet print.  Using only 2 cartridges, CMY and K, changing inks couldn’t be easier and the full range can be purchased at our online shop www.shop.handisc.co.uk.

Microboards PF-3 Colour Ink Cartridge – http://shop.handisc.co.uk/colour-ink-cartridge-pf3-cx1–73

Microboards PF-3 Black Ink Cartridge – http://shop.handisc.co.uk/black-ink-cartridge-pf3-cx1–72

The Print Factory 3 is ideal for those who are looking to print 100-250 discs per week, however if you think your demands are going to exceed the PF-3, then why not look at its big brother the Print Factory Pro (PF-Pro) or the Epson PP-100 Autoprinter.

As standard the Microboards Print Factory 3 comes with 1 year back to base warranty, but if purchased through Handisc Ltd, we also offer a wide range of technical support packages, so you are safe in the knowledge that 14 years technical experience is just a phone call away.

If you have any questions please contact the team on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk