Aug 15

Product Spotlight – Data Grinder (CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Destruction)

Data Grinder

Data Grinder - CD / DVD / Blu-Ray

First Impressions

The data grinder is a small and very simple system. It has to be manually loaded so it’s only really aimed at low volume users but from what we can see it’s great for anyone in the office looking to guarantee the destruction of their discs before binning them. There is a small waste bag that sits in the back of the system. This is used to collect the disc particles as the dye & data is scraped from the disc surface. This makes it a very clean solution.

It’s completely standalone with only a power cable to plug into the back and you’re away. There is also a counter on the top of the system telling you how many discs your grinder has destroyed.

Key Stats

  • The grinder takes around 1 minute to completely remove the data from a disc.
  • The size of the removed particles are 250 Microns.
  • Data destruction method – Grinding
  • Dimensions – 4.3 x 10.2 x 9.1 Inches
  • Warranty – 2 Years

How does the destruction work?

CD / DVD Data Grinding

CD / DVD Data Grinding

You can see the inside of the grinder in the image above. As the disc spins the arm moves across the top and bottom of the disc scraping off the surface.

Check out the video on our Disc Grinder Page for a full demonstration.


If you need complete peace of mind that the data on your disc will not be recovered then this is the system for you. OK if you’re looking to destroy hundreds of discs a day then there are other options for you. This will drive you mad if you have boxes and boxes of discs. For most offices though it’s the need to destroy a small amount of discs with the touch of a button that makes the disc grinder a great solution.

For more information please contact the Handisc support team on 01264 335118 or info@handisc.co.uk.

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