Aug 17

Product Spotlight – Microboards CopyWriter Blu-Ray Tower Duplicator

Blu-Ray Tower Copier

Blu-Ray Tower Duplicator

What is a Blu-Ray Tower Duplicator?

A Blu-Ray Tower Duplicator is a standalone tower that can be used to make multiple copies of a master Blu-Ray disc. It actually also copies CD, DVD & DVD+DL but the key feature is Blu-Ray.

This tower also contains a 500GB hard drive that allows you to store multiple Images ready to copy time and time again. You can connect these towers to your PC via a single USB cable. This will allow you to pre-master images on your PC and copy them directly onto the Towers hard drive via the USB cable.

First Impressions

The tower is very well built with plenty of fans to keep all those drives cool. These towers only use the highest grade Blu-Ray recorders and the tower we’re using today in running the Pioneer 206 BDR drive. These drives will change as newer drives become available.

There is a very simple control system which consists of an LED screen and UP/DOWN YES/NO options. It’s doesn’t get much easier than this. Just load your master into the top drive or select your image file, load your blanks and then hit go!

Configurations Available 

The Blu-Ray Tower Copier comes in the following configurations

  • 1 – 4 drives
  • 1 – 7 drives
  • 1 – 10 drives

All of these towers will duplicate CD / DVD / DVD+DL as well as Blu-Ray and all can be connected to a PC allowing you to transfre images.


Overall the Microboards Blu-Ray Tower Duplicator is a simple but solid peace of kit. It does exactly what it says on the tin with reliability and good build quality thrown in. We have used and sold a lot of Tower Copiers over the years and there are lots about that over heat and are very cheap. The Microboards Tower is not the cheapest but the difference is minimal and you get a lot more for your money. Especially the TWO YEAR WARRANTY currently being offered with each tower.

Where can you buy one?

Handisc are a Distributor for all Microboards products and can offer some great pricing and package deals on Blu-Ray Tower Duplicators. You can either contact us on the number and email below or visit our online store.

Call 01264 335118 | Email info@handisc.co.uk | shop.handisc.co.uk

For more details on the full Tower Range follow this link – http://www.handisc.co.uk/CD-DVD-Blu-Ray-Towers.html