Apr 30

A look inside the Microtech X3 Disc Publisher

The Microtech X3 is Microtech’s  all in one, automated publishing system.  The X3 comes with:

  • 300 disc capacity (when unattended),
  • 3 x DVD Combo and/or Blu-ray recorder,
  • Automated printing: using either the K2 Colour Thermal Photo Quality Printer OR Xpression Black or Single Colour Thermal Printer
  • Microtech’s Imager Maker Suite of programs


Microtech X3 Open
                                                                   Microtech X3 Open

The Microtech X3 can cope with all 4 media types and whether you’re looking to either print/over print a single line of black text, or a full photo quality image, the X3 gives you complete flexibility.

The X3, allows you to duplicate and print different media types, different layouts completely unattended and with a reduced footprint, fits into any production area.

For more information, visit our Microtech X3 page or download the spec sheet here.  At Handisc, we are the recommended Microtech Sales, Service and Support site in the UK and with over 14 years industry experience, we can offer you complete peace of mind before and after purchasing your Microtech System.

If you have any questions, why not contact our Microtech Tech Team directly on 01264 335118 or email alex.ashur@handisc.co.uk.

Mar 28

The Rise & Rise of USB Key Costs

Over the past few years, we have been in the enviable position of the pricing for USB Memory Sticks becoming a viable purchase for most companies, however it looks like there is potential for the USB market to take quite a substantial u-turn.

With all the delight that the new era of Smart Phones bring,  the demand for their greatness also equates to a huge demand for memory chips.  With the Smart Phone industry being more lucrative, the memory chip manufacturers (40% being dominated by Samsung) are now moving their attention away from supplying memory chips for the USB market onto the Smart Phone market.  What does this mean to the USB?  In short, we are currently and are predicted to continually see a rise in the cost of USBs, as stock for the memory chips becomes competitive in market where demand is out weighing supply.  As a result where previously USB memory stick pricing would be stable for 10 days plus, we are now experiencing fluctuations on a daily basis.

Blue USB Key

Our advice here at Handisc?  If you are requesting pricing for USBs for a future proposal, leave an extra margin to encompass a potential increase in price.  If you are looking at purchasing promotion stock?  Ask about reserving stock today.  Wanting USB memory under 4GB?  Again ask about reserving stock, as it is likely that manufacturing will reduce further on the lower capacity stock first.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Handisc Team.

Bubble Key 2

Jan 30

Nokia jumps on 3D Printing Technology

A few weeks ago, we looked at the temptation that 3D printing had become.  Now it would seem that Nokia are making the jump and backing 3D Printing. They soon plan to release design files that will allow phone owners to use 3D printers to make their own Lumia phone cases, it looks like custom designed phones are not too far in the distant future.

Nokia 3D Printing

Nokia’s John Kneeland, said that Nokia might just end up selling a phone template, allowing entrepreneurs to use them, to produce handsets that could satisfy people needs.  Mr Kneeland went on to say “You want a waterproof, glow in the dark phone with a bottle-opener and a solar charger? Someone can build it for you – or you can print it yourself.”  Certainly a market with huge potential.

With Nokia being one of the first big electronics firms to seriously back 3D printing, could now be the time to invest?

Jan 23

Epson PP-100BD – Blu-Ray Disc Publisher

The Epson PP-50BD’s big brother has now arrived….The Epson PP-100IIBD.  With 2 x Pioneer PR1 Series Blu-ray drives, the PP-110IIBD can burn and print at least 8 Blu-ray discs in a hour.  With the phenomenal print quality that the Epson Disc Producer Family has become known for, you can expect nothing less.  With the Epson’s Micro Piezo print head, the PP-100IIBD produces razor-sharp text, including very small font sizes.  With the standard six individual cartridge ink system, costs per print remain low and you only need replace the colour that has run out.

Epson Discproducer PP-100IIBD

The PP-100IIBD comes with a 100 disc capacity, so can be left as a fully automated publishing device and with Epson’s patented AcuGrip Robotics, only one discs is grabbed at a time, regardless of sticky/static discs, so no human interference required!

With the standard PP-100 foot print (Width 377 mm, Depth 465 mm, Height 348 mm), the Epson PP-100IIBD fits comfortably into any working, office environment, making it an ideal companion for organisations wanting to digitalise and/or archive high volumes of data.

  A few of the Epson PP-100IIBD features include:

  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface
  • User-changeable BD Drives and maintenance cartridge: ideal for long-term or heavy use
  • Easy to use Total Disc Maker 5 software

For a full specification, please visit our website – http://handisc.co.uk/Epson-Discproducer-PP100IIBD-BluRay.html. Alternatively, give our Tech Team a call on 01264 335118 or mail info@handisc.co.uk


Jan 04

Are 3D Printers the next big thing?

The speed at which technology evolves is breath taking. It was only a few years ago that labels were being hand applied to discs, now it appears we can just click a button and a customised, beautifully, photographic discs are generated within seconds in front of our eyes.  The same it seems applies to 3D printing, back in 1997 we saw  in Fifth Element generated from a simple scrap of metal and now shops in Toyko and New York are offering you the chance to make a miniature plastic model of yourself, photobooth style! 

As the internet becomes awash with the possibility for 3D Printers, is this the optimum time to jump on board or are the endless legal debates (copyright etc) going to cull this potential boom before it has even begun?

Watch this space…………..

Nov 22

Another reason why the DVD is a must

The BBC yesterday published a great article on how researchers in the US have hugely boosted the sensitivity of a widespread imaging and sensing technique, using just an off-the-shelf DVD.

At Handisc we are big fans of the physical disc and now scientists are jumping on board.  In brief, Fluorescence spectroscopy is used to diagnose disease, image inside cells or detect toxins, unfortunately the signals are weak, but thanks to a report in Nanotechnology, it has outlined how to boost those signals, by utilising the ready made pits and grooves of a DVD.

To read the report in full go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-20338540 or to sit in wonder of a DVD, why not pop along to our shop http://shop.handisc.co.uk/and buy a spindle for yourself.  Who knows what else the DVD is capable of.

The method benefits from what began as imperfections in the production process

Nov 21

shop.handisc.co.uk – Duplicator Consumables and Accessories

It can be daunting when purchasing duplicator consumables online.  Are you selecting the right cartridge? Is it a genuine cartridge or a replica?  Have you picked the right disc, print surface for your printer?

Here at Handisc we hope to banish your concerns, with our all new online shop and best of all…..we are just a phone call or email away.

Behind our online shop is a real life, working company.  We duplicate and replicate discs, we service and sell duplicators so we know exactly what our customers want, what we are doing and how to give you the best online shopping experience.

So the next time you need to re-stock the consumables cupboard, why not visit http://shop.handisc.co.uk/



We look forward to seeing you there

The Handisc Team

Oct 22

Product Spotlight: Microboards CopyWriter USB Duplicator

USBs, whether they are used in the office, or out and about as a marketing tool, never fail to make an impact.  With a continual rise in demand, our customers are looking to take their USB copying into their own hands.

USB Tower 15

USB Tower 15

No longer do you need to sit at your PC and drag and drop time after time!  Microboards CopyWriter USB Duplicators are ideal for in the office or “on the run” duplication.  As a standalone system (no PC required), simply plug the USB Copier into your mains power supply, insert your master USB, insert up to 15 blank USBs and press OK.  Within minutes, you have multiple USBs copied and with its very own Copy, Verify and Erase function, it is guaranteed that every copy you make is exact to the master copy.

Some organisations not only need to duplicate multiple USBs, but also erase multiple USBs.  With the Microboards CopyWriter, deleting content is as easy as copying.  Again insert the USBs to be erased, press Delete!  It couldn’t be easier.

With Microboards technology and Handisc’s leading support (all machines purchased through Handisc come as standard with a 1 years Back to Base Warranty), the CopyWriter USBs Towers, available in 7, 11 and 15 slot capacity, are ideal in any office situation.  For more information, why not download our Spec Sheet at www.handisc.co.uk.  Want to speak to our in-house guru?  Call 01264 335118 for your questions answered immediately.

Need password protection, USB Key locking or partitioning?

Email info@handisc.co.uk who can talk you through protecting your data with Handisc

Oct 11

Disc Artwork: The do’s and dont’s

Disc Template

When setting up or designing disc artwork, everyone’s way of working is different. Our repro team can pretty much accommodate most styles and files, but here is a brief nudge towards what we like!

So, if you aren’t a budding graphics designer, .jpg files or similar are fine, just so long they are of a high enough resolution (300dpi is our minimum resolution).

When providing your files, please always provide the original file and do not embed the image in any other document.

It is preferable that as most of the time we print CMYK, that your artwork is set up CMYK, but if you are having problems converting from RGB, do not worry as we can do that for you.

Always add bleed to you artwork (shown on all our print templates, approx 3mm), as it ensures that there are no white lines around the inner hub or outer edge of the disc.

No need to carve your artwork into the shape of a disc, a 120mm x 120mm square is sufficient and please try to remove any outlines (circle or other) that you may have added

We like layered working files (or vector graphics), rather than flattened images.

We really like all images to be linked and fonts embedded and if not, preferably the fonts to be converted to outline.

Finally, if you want us to print to a specific pantone colour, please let us know!

With all inkjet or thermal prints, we can provide a hard copy sample for you to approve.  For silk screen or litho, samples can be arranged, but at a cost to cover machine and plate set up.

That’s it.  Any questions, give us a call on  01264 335118 and one of our creative team will answer in a jiffy!  Alternatively if you need a print template, drop us email at info@handisc.co.uk

Sep 20

Epson PP-50 Blu-Ray – Offer

For the smaller enterprises, in house Blu-ray production stopped at desktop tower duplicators.  Now Epson have released a Blu-ray PP-50 into their Disc Producer range, the up and coming studios, marketing agencies and producers of today now have the option to create fully printed, fully automated Blu-ray productions.

Epson PP-50

Epson PP-50

Since the launch in May, the Epson PP-50 BD has made an impact.  With a footprint designed to fit neatly into any office, high efficiency, low cost printing and on demand duplication the PP-50BD is ideal for those wanting to make a big impression.  Concerned that you don’t have the budget?  As of the 1st September Handisc will giving a £75.00 discount voucher* with every PP-50BD purchased.

For further information about the Epson PP-50BD why not visit our website http://handisc.co.uk/Epson-Discproducer-PP-50BD-Blu-Ray.html Have a question?  Why not call our in-house Tech Team 01264 335118

 *£75 voucher redeemable against any Handisc purchase

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