Sep 22

Our product of the month! The Epson PP-100AP (Auto Printer).

Here at Handisc we are already feeling the onset of Christmas demand, with our customers needing printed discs in 24 hours and thankfully our Epson PP-100 Auto Printer takes no time at all in meeting these needs.  With the easy to use, no nonsense Epson software, our PP100 Auto Printers, get straight to work.  Comfortably printing up to 95 discs per hour the Epson Auto Printer really suits our fast pace, high demand environment.  With Epson’s advanced print technology, the inkjet prints we produce are smudge proof and water resistant and if coupled with Falcon’s Smart Guard discs, the combination offers a strong competitor to thermal printing.  With approximately 1,000+ prints per set of cartridges (did we mention that the Epson works from 6 bulk, colour cartridges?), the PP-100 AutoPrinter provides the perfect opportunity to produce low cost inkjet printed discs.
Epson pp100AP Auto Printer

Epson pp100AP Auto Printer

Find out more about the Epson PP-100AP (AutoPrinter) – Epson PP100AP

To complete the ultimate production package, why not add a Microboards CD/DVD Tower to duplicate those 1,000’s of discs you’ve just printed?  Or why not look at the Epson PP-100 which comes with the same print technology as the Auto Printer, but provides 2 x disc recorders, so you can print and duplicate at the same time.

Microboards CD/DVD Tower Duplicator
Microboards CD/DVD Tower Duplicator

Find out more about the Microboards CD/DVD Tower Copiers – CD DVD Tower Duplicators

Want to see how well the Epson PP-100 Auto Printer really prints?

Email info@handisc.co.uk and ask for a FREE PRINT SAMPLE.  Alternatively supply us with your artwork and we will print you a sample disc.

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