May 10

New!! Microtech Xjet Printer – Professional Inkjet, Disc Printing

As the UK’s leading Microtech Sales, Service & Repair Centre, here at Handisc we are proud introduce you to the new Microtech Xjet™ Inkjet Printer.

Microtech Xjet Printer

Microtech Xjet Printer

With impressive print speeds of 22 seconds for a 100%, full colour inkjet print, the Xjet™ is nothing short of an industry breakthrough!  When paired with one of the Microtech’s Xpress Family (compatible with Microtech XP publishing systems) of automated disc duplicators, the Xjet™ provides fast, professional quality, unattended printing of discs.  The Xjet™ aqueous based ink is compatible with virtually all inkjet printable disc media and because like its predecessor, the Xjet™ uses separate ink cartridges, inkjet printing has never been so efficient.  High speed certainly does not mean loss of quality, with the robust technology and superior engineering that we have all come to know and love from Microtech, the Xjet™ has a 4800 dpi, so you are guaranteed a superior print quality too!

With the straight forward, user friendly DiscPrint™ software, designing and printing your disc layouts is quick and simple.  Microtech’s software allows you to generate dynamic text and graphics files, so there is really is nothing limiting your creativity.

With a 3 second per print, draft quality, 6 seconds per print for normal quality and a whooping 16.7 million colours, the Xjet™ brings you the sharpest text and graphics.  For further information, why not call or email one of our Microtech gurus on 01264 335118 info@handisc.co.uk