Nov 24

Microtech Xpress Features – Disc Spanning

Another great feature that comes standard on the Microtech Xpress Range is the ability to span your data across multiple discs.

Who would use this?

Any one with large amounts of data that they wish to backup/transfer onto CD, DVD, DVD+DL or Blu-Ray.


  • Archive & Backup – Backup or create an offline copy of servers.
  • Evidence – CCTV footage thats recorded onto hard drives. Copy this across multiple discs and make multiple copies of each set.
  • Photo / Video – Set the software to automatically span by time, size, alphabetical order to catalogue your data

How does it work?

Connect your hard drive to the Xpress or browse to the area your files are stored and then select them all and drop them into MyDisc. The MyDisc Software will then automatically span the files across the format of your choice (CD, DVD…..) and in the order you choose.

A table of contents file will be created on each disc that contains the information and disc number of each file. No matter what disc you view you will be able to find out which disc has the file you need.

Each disc will also be printed E.G. 1 of 10, 2 of 10 and so on. This makes sure there is no confusion.

Key advantages of disc spanning on the Xpress

  • Data not modified, compressed or changed in anyway. Ideal for evidence.
  • Data remains in file and folder format which also helps when viewing the files on the disc. No special viewer is needed.
  • Printing directly onto the disc surface to ensure everything is clearly labelled.
  • Fully Automated. Pre-mastering, duplication, printing.
  • No extra costs – All included as standard on the Xpress

For more information or a demonstration please contact Handisc on 01264 335118 or info@handisc.co.uk