May 11

Microtech Trim the Range

Microtech have made the decision to trim their range and focus on the Xpress Systems. The Microtech range will no longer include the DiscSpencer or X100 systems. Both were designed for very specific uses but due to the quality and demand for development of the Xpress Systems, Microtech have decided to continue to focus and grow this systems features.

Microtech X100

Microtech X100 - Discontinued

The Microtech Xpress is the leading disc publisher on the market today and Microtech’s new features and support will continue to keep them at the forefront of technology. New developments in encryption, fingerprinting & copy protection (but to name a few) will keep them busy.

Why not check out the current Microtech Xpress Range

Microtech Xpress XP

Microtech Xpress XP - Leading Disc Publisher

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