Jun 14

Make your hard drive your own

Our data storage demands are continually on the increase.  For businesses the humble USB Key at 64GB just isn’t enough and therefore here at Handisc we have seen a demand in hard drive storage.

The USB key, portable, protected and customised was an optimal solution, but now the external hard drive can do all this and more. Why not increase your portable storage?  With the introduction of our fantastic new Afinia L-801 label printer we can create permanent, semi permanent and fully removable, printed, customised, labels for your hard drives. So whether you are sending out regular updates to technicians, library updates to audio companies or simply need barcode traceability on your hard drives, we can offer this solution to you.

Contact our team on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk for further information.

Want one of the Afinia L-801 Label printers for yourself?  Why not check out our Label website www.handisc-labels.co.uk