May 31

Make the most of your Jubilee Memories with Handisc

With the glorious Jubilee celebration soon upon us, not to mention the lovely 4 day weekend, how will you remember what you were doing during this momentous time?

A choir of school children in Penzance have seized the opportunity, by recording a song and sending the Queen her very own copy of the DVD.  So maybe you would like to take this opportunity to have a DVD of your garden party, a lifelong recording of your local street party or just simply a digital diary of what you were doing and where.  With our in-house studio we are able to convert your recordings from multiple formats (such as tapes and storage cards from hand held video camera’s) and create your very own customised DVD, whether you want just a copy for yourself or multiple copies to share.  With our Falcon Professional Archival media, you, your friends and your family’s memories will last over 100 years!

Call or email Handisc and we will help create a DVD fit for the Queen!

Tel: 01264 335118 info@handisc.co.uk