Oct 27

Is your CD, DVD and Blu-ray Duplicator In need of repair, or a well earned service?

In order to ensure you’re getting the best performance from you disc or USB duplicator, it is vital that they have a regular service. You service cars, bikes, PC’s and home appliances so why not your disc duplicator? After all, it’s often key to the business or project and it’s not until it stops that you realise it’s importance.

Here at Handisc, we believe that the best way to avoid costly repairs and down time is proactive servicing and preventative maintenance. We are happy to diagnose and repair technical or performance problems with your duplicator. It doesn’t matter if your duplicator wasn’t bought from Handisc either. With our low cost servicing and experience with all duplicator types throughout the past 14 years we should be able to help or worst case point you in the right direction.

To give you peace of mind, we can also offer you annual service agreements on equipment we’ve seen to ensure you experience minimal down time should any problems occur.

Handisc Tech Support

Concerned that a support contract will cost you more than a new machine?

Fear not, we offer a wide range of support options, starting from unlimited telephone and email support, right up to a technical specialist being onsite with a replacement duplicator. If you have any particular requirements, we are also happy to create a bespoke support package that suits both your business and your bank balance.

What should you expect from a Service Agreement?

At Handisc our duplicator and printer aftercare is what our business is built upon.  With 14 years experience in duplicator servicing and repairs, we have come to know exactly what an agreement should include.  So…..

  • Firstly a health check.  Prior to any new support contract or renewal, a member of our technical team will come onsite and perform a full service, to ensure that  your machine is working to the best of its ability and that you are up to date on any applicable firmware & software.
  • Secondly, a 6 monthly full system service, to ensure everything is still running smoothly and to clean the system.
  • Thirdly, unlimited telephone and email support from a qualified and experienced technician.  Here at Handisc you can guarantee that your call will be answered, your emails responded to promptly and your problem resolved or diagnosed by a professional.
  • Fourthly….reasonable pricing.   Here at Handisc, we will not charge for something that we have not done and you will be notified of any costs prior to repairs being carried out.
  • Fifthly….. we are not sponsored or tied to any particular manufacturer, so should you have a Microtech, Microboards, Rimage, R-Quest, Epson discproducer, Verity, Flex Writer, Primera or LSK (to name a few), we will endeavour to fix the duplicator you have and not just force you into buying a replacement. Obviously once as system gets beyond economical repair we’ll still be able to help you but we’d like to think our advice could save you a lot of time and even more money.
  • Finally….an agreement that will give you complete peace of mind, so your duplicator is ready for the next production run and won’t let you down when its most needed.  Oh, and we also look after your disc printers too!

If you have a niggling technical query with your CD, DVD or Blu-ray duplicator, maybe you want help in deciding what to do with old duplicator, how best to upgrade, or just want to discuss a “one off repair” or a support contract?

Please call our Technical Department on 01254 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk