Aug 17

iPhone Tips – Taking a picture or screen grab of your iPhone screen

Here is a great little trick for taking a picture of whatever is on your iPhone screen.

When you have something that you would like to take a picture of just hold down the iPhone Home Button and click the lock/sleep button on the top right hand corner. The screen flashes and then when you go into your photo folder you will see the picture you took.

Why would you want to do this?

  • You can take snap shots of web pages, documents, texts, emails and so on.
  • Save peoples Facebook or other photo’s and assign them to your numbers.
  • Take a picture of your new high score in your favourite App maybe.

We found this one amusing in the office. Take a picture of someones main screen and then leave the picture open so when they next wake their phone the picture is the first thing they see. They will then try selecting the apps and quickly become confused as to why nothing works. Keeps them busy for a few seconds.

Anyway, that’s just another tip we’ve picked up in the office here and we’ll try and keep them coming.


Handisc Team