Aug 06

Introducing the Primera Signature® Slide Printer

Signature Slide Printer

Primera Slide Printer

The new Signature Slide printer is the first colour slide printer able to print text, logos and barcodes directly on to slides. Eliminating the problems of handwriting, label application and therefore reducing the chances of mis-indentification.


Signature is designed for efficient, hands-free operation. Slides are stored in easy-to-load cartridges which keep them clear of dust and other potential contaminants. It takes just a few seconds to change out the cartridge if you need standard slides for one study and positively-charged slides for others. The level of slides remaining in a cartridge is easily viewed through the cartridge’s transparent blue LED backlit case.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • On-demand, optional colour printing – print only the number of slides needed
  • Reduce inventory – your inventory of multiple colors of slides is eliminated since you can now print colors on white slides
  • Small footprint – fits perfectly next to the microtome or the Cytology slide processor
  • PTLab Software – template-driven software ensures that the exact information you require on the slides gets printed every time; also allows configurable output data stream to LIS systems
  • Xylene-, alcohol-, reagent-, stain-, heat-, and chemical-resistant ink – ensures reliable identification of slides now and for years in the future


Slide Printer in Action