Aug 27

Microtech Xpress Features – Image Aligner. Over Printing onto Disc

There are many ways to print onto disc but not many come quicker and cheaper than overprinting using the Microtech Xpress Image Aligner.

If you’re looking to add additional data such as serial numbers, unique identifiers, address or user information then this is for you.

What is Image Aligner?

Image Aligner is a camera system that works with the Microtech Xpress Range using an Xpression Black Thermal Printer. When a disc is loaded into the printer after recording it will be loaded at a random angle because of being rotated in the drive. The camera then takes a photo of the disc and aligns the text to print in the correct place on the disc.

Rimage have the “Perfect Print” option with their black thermal printers but the problem with this is that you need a black mark printed onto the disc surface to start. This can limit your design and doesn’t look the best. The Microtech Xpress doesn’t need this and all rotation is done in the software rather than spinning the disc.

Why would I use Image Aligner?

If you have a standard logo, image or design that you print on your disc and maybe it’s just a title, name, serial number or whatever that changes each time then you can mass produce your silk screened disc and just add the additional data.

This will give you the highest quality print with the ability to match pantones and CMYK. Silk Screen printing on mass is the cheapest form of colour printing if your design is the same. Image Aligner allows you to take advantage of this and still produce unique discs.

Below is a video that should help explain Image Aligner and here is a link to the Microtech Range so you can see which duplicator it works with. http://www.handisc.co.uk/Microtech-Xpress-Range.html


If you would like any more information or to see a demonstraion of the system just call us on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk