Mar 21

harddrivecopy.co.uk – Now Online!

Handisc has launched its hard drive specific mini site. Harddrivecopy.co.uk is aimed at providing information on hard disk duplication and the procedures we use to ensure perfect duplication. We only use professional duplication equipment rather than linking hard drives to multiple PC’s and using “Copy/Paste”.

Hard drive duplication is becoming a large part of what we do at Handisc. Mainly because of the long timescales and manual process that is  hard drive copying people are looking to outsource it. It’s not a costly process but if you are not geared up to duplicate correctly then it can be a slow, costly and problematic nightmare.

Contact Handisc on 01264 335118 or info@handisc.co.uk and find out how little it could cost you for a professional solution.

Alternatively, why not check out www.harddrivecopy.co.uk for more details.

Thank you

Handisc Support Team

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