Jun 21

Get more from your iPhone – Increase the battery life in 20 seconds

At Handisc we love our iPhones but one thing that could always be improved is battery life. We had a weekend at Isle of Wight Festival recently and with no phone chargers to hand we decided to investigate ways of making the battery in our iPhones last longer.

One thing we came across that works really well is to close any “background Apps” you might have running. This sounds obvious but do you even know how to view these open App and then close them?

With the iPhone unlocked, press the “Home” button twice and a new menu will appear at the bottom of the screen that displays your Apps that are still running. Hold your finger down on one of these Apps to activate the delete function. Delete all of the Icons here and this will close these Apps fully. You are not deleting the Apps you are just stopping them running in the background.


iPhone Screen

iPhone Screen with active Apps displayed.

Once you have all of these closed you will find that your battery life is improved. Remember, every time you open an App or look at a message this will now remain active until you close it.

We hope this helps you get that little bit more from your iPhone.


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