Jan 04

Falcon Professional Media – Blu-Ray Facts & Figures

Falcon Pro BD-R media is manufactured using premium OEM Japanese technology and materials. The Pro BD-R blank Blu-Ray disk  is specified AAA grade which ensures the highest performance, excellent longevity and broadest drive compatibility with lowest error rates. Falcon Pro BD-R media are manufactured with an Ultra Hard Coat (UHC) protection technology that gives superior scratch resistance for safe daily use. This BD-R Blu Ray Media is available in wide speed range: 2x, 4x and 6x with the possibility of over-speed burning.

Here are a few of the key feature that help separate Falcon Blu-Ray from the rest

    • Professional Grade
    • Licensed TDK DI code
    • Premium OEM Japanese materials & technology
    • Wide sputtered surface
    • Substrate sealing technology
    • Excellent compatibility
    • Superior Scratch protection with UHC™
    • High durability
    • Lower Costs
Falcon Pro BD-R Blu-Ray Media

What makes our Falcon Pro BD-R Blu-Ray Media?


Printable Surface Printer Compatibility
Inkjet: Primera, Microboards, Epson DiscProducer, Rimage 2000i, Microtech Xstreamjet, MF Digital, Verity OptiPrinter/Puma, R-Quest Flashjet Thermal: Rimage Everest II and Rimage Prism Plus
Rimage Everest II, III, 400, 600, Prism Plus and Teac P-55B/C with all ribbon choices
To find out more about the Falcon Professional Blu-Ray Range as well as getting samples please contact Handisc on 01264 335118 or info@handisc.co.uk