Oct 07

Falcon Media – Cost effective Platinum Archival DVD-R

FalconMedia have finally released their long awaited Archival Platinum DVD-R, ideally suited to the long term storage of your businesses data.  As the latest edition to the FalconMedia Century Archival range of CDRs and DVD-Rs, the Falcon Platinum DVD-R offers the following:

  • Guaranteed 100 years safe archival storage
  • Innovative  Platinum-Silver Alloy
  • Corrosion resistance
  • A lower cost per unit than Gold Archival Media
  • The best possible drive compatibility during recording play back
  • Optional Falcon Media Ultra Hard Coat (UHC™), providing an optimum scratchproof surface.
Archival DVD-R Platinum

Falcon Archival DVD-R Platinum

Falcon’s Archival Platinum DVD-R uses an innovative Platinum-Silver alloy that guarantees similar corrosion resistance as Gold-based media, but with a much lower unit cost.  The accelerated lifetime tests confirm the DVD-Rs excellent 100 year archival storage (read more on the downloadable Spec Sheet).  With a recording speed of 1-8x, storage capacity of 4.7GB and a recording time of 120 minutes (based on Video SP mode), the Falcon Platinum DVD-R is set to make an impact upon data archiving.

The optional UHC™ is excellent in safeguarding the data on your DVD-Rs from excessive handling or re-packaging.  With 100 times more scratch protection than a conventional DVD-R, you have absolute peace of mind, that your day to day or critical data is well contained.

Falcon’s Platinum Archival DVD-R is available with the following print surfaces:

Printable Surface Printer Compatibility
Inkjet: Primera, Microboards, Epson DiscProducer, Rimage 2000i, Microtech Xstreamjet, MF Digital, Verity OptiPrinter/Puma, R-Quest Flashjet Thermal: Rimage Everest II and Rimage Prism Plus
Rimage Everest II, III, 400, 600, Prism Plus and Teac P-55B/C with all ribbon choices
Rimage Prism Plus, Microtech Xpression, CopyPro Powerpro III, Teac P55 and VersaMax ribbon.  Also suitable for Silkscreen and Digital Printers

For further information or a FREE SAMPLE, please contact our Media Sales Team on 01254 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk

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