Jan 23

Epson PP-100BD – Blu-Ray Disc Publisher

The Epson PP-50BD’s big brother has now arrived….The Epson PP-100IIBD.  With 2 x Pioneer PR1 Series Blu-ray drives, the PP-110IIBD can burn and print at least 8 Blu-ray discs in a hour.  With the phenomenal print quality that the Epson Disc Producer Family has become known for, you can expect nothing less.  With the Epson’s Micro Piezo print head, the PP-100IIBD produces razor-sharp text, including very small font sizes.  With the standard six individual cartridge ink system, costs per print remain low and you only need replace the colour that has run out.

Epson Discproducer PP-100IIBD

The PP-100IIBD comes with a 100 disc capacity, so can be left as a fully automated publishing device and with Epson’s patented AcuGrip Robotics, only one discs is grabbed at a time, regardless of sticky/static discs, so no human interference required!

With the standard PP-100 foot print (Width 377 mm, Depth 465 mm, Height 348 mm), the Epson PP-100IIBD fits comfortably into any working, office environment, making it an ideal companion for organisations wanting to digitalise and/or archive high volumes of data.

  A few of the Epson PP-100IIBD features include:

  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface
  • User-changeable BD Drives and maintenance cartridge: ideal for long-term or heavy use
  • Easy to use Total Disc Maker 5 software

For a full specification, please visit our website – http://handisc.co.uk/Epson-Discproducer-PP100IIBD-BluRay.html. Alternatively, give our Tech Team a call on 01264 335118 or mail info@handisc.co.uk