Aug 22

Discs on Demand – Tesco ensure they always have stock

Tesco, like us here at Handisc, still firmly believe that there is a place in our hearts for the humble disc.  In two of their stores (Maldon and Dudley), Tesco’s are trialling “Discs on Demand” kiosks.  The machine allows the user to select and burn albums whilst they wait.  Within minutes a freshly burnt disc, along with an actual printed sleeve will be dropped at the users feet!  With over tens of thousands of albums to pick from, starting from less than £3.00, what’s is there not to like?

The kiosks will also be a portal for freshly burnt DVDs of movies and TV programs as well as computer software packages.

With the gradual decline in disc demands, could Tesco help rebuild the disc empire?  With production being instantaneous and forever “in stock” supermarket shoppers may be the key to the rise of the disc.

Tesco Discs on Demand