Oct 11

Disc Artwork: The do’s and dont’s

Disc Template

When setting up or designing disc artwork, everyone’s way of working is different. Our repro team can pretty much accommodate most styles and files, but here is a brief nudge towards what we like!

So, if you aren’t a budding graphics designer, .jpg files or similar are fine, just so long they are of a high enough resolution (300dpi is our minimum resolution).

When providing your files, please always provide the original file and do not embed the image in any other document.

It is preferable that as most of the time we print CMYK, that your artwork is set up CMYK, but if you are having problems converting from RGB, do not worry as we can do that for you.

Always add bleed to you artwork (shown on all our print templates, approx 3mm), as it ensures that there are no white lines around the inner hub or outer edge of the disc.

No need to carve your artwork into the shape of a disc, a 120mm x 120mm square is sufficient and please try to remove any outlines (circle or other) that you may have added

We like layered working files (or vector graphics), rather than flattened images.

We really like all images to be linked and fonts embedded and if not, preferably the fonts to be converted to outline.

Finally, if you want us to print to a specific pantone colour, please let us know!

With all inkjet or thermal prints, we can provide a hard copy sample for you to approve.  For silk screen or litho, samples can be arranged, but at a cost to cover machine and plate set up.

That’s it.  Any questions, give us a call on  01264 335118 and one of our creative team will answer in a jiffy!  Alternatively if you need a print template, drop us email at info@handisc.co.uk