Mar 24

Data Fulfilment, Distribution & Project Management

The market place is flooded with companies able to duplicate or replicate your discs and USB Keys, but what if your requirements are a little more complicated than the normal…

Handisc are a company you can rely on to help. Our Account Managers are highly experienced Project Managers who will deliver their promises. Yes, Handisc can produce your USB sticks or discs. We can even customise them to individual users and in 10 different languages, but we can also package and fulfil them all over the world to any number of locations, using an appropriate method for your budget, time scales and tracking requirements.

We have packed remote control cars, magnets, yo-yo’s, T-shirts and even dog bowls! We are happy to fulfil any items or multiple items, they don’t need to be supplied by us. We’ll also work with your couriers if you’d prefer; although we do have our own well vetted ones too.

If you are looking for a supplier who will go that extra mile and take on those last minute projects where things further up the chain haven’t exactly gone to plan then talk to us. We’ve got plenty of customers who’ll be happy to talk to you about projects we’ve worked on for them where time, accuracy, security and near performing miracles has been achieved!

Please email info@handisc.co.uk or call 01264 335118 and talk to someone today.