Jul 19

Data Destruction – To Shred, Degauss, Grind or Disintegrate?

Data has never been so accessible and with multiple handheld storage options, data loss and violation is on the increase.  With companies facing more and more court penalties, there isn’t a better time to consider how to dispose of your companies data securely.  Here at Handisc, we offer four simple, but extremely effective ways to dispose of your data:

  • Shredding
  • Degaussing
  • Grinding
  • Disintegrating
CD / DVD Data Grinding

CD / DVD Data Grinder up close

Shredding:  is the destruction of CD, DVD, Blu-Ray discs, paper, credit/ID cards & floppy disks into pieces (shredding size can be determined by the security level required). The method is easy, secure, fast and provides visual proof that the data has been destroyed beyond recovery. Our shredders can separate the materials so that recycling and disposal is easy.

Degaussing: A Degausser is a piece of equipment which uses APT (Advanced Pulse Technology TM) to destroy the magnetic structure of your hard drive or tape and ensures that the data is no longer recoverable by computer or laboratory attacks. APT also ensures that our degaussers are 90% more energy efficient when compared to other degaussing methods. Degaussers remove/wipe 100% of the data from magnetic media.

Grinding: A data grinder, such as the Intimus 005S, grinds the data layer on CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray to 250 microns, so all that’s left is the disc’s Polycarbonate surface and fine dust! Any data that was on the disc is destroyed beyond forensic recovery.

Disintegrating: Our disintegrators are designed to destroy hard drives, discs, USB keys, paper, bank notes and other such media. Our Dual Shaft Disintegrator allows for granulating of up to approximately 22 to 50 HDD of 3.5” size per hour to tiny granules with 10, 8 or even only 6 mm chip size (according to the installed screen). There is no chance of the data being recovered from this.

Dual Shaft Hard Drive Disintegrator

Dual Shaft Hard Drive Disintegrator

www.handisc.co.uk offers all four methods of destruction as a service, which we are happy for you to come on-site and witness the destruction of your data.  Alternatively if you’d rather take destruction into your own hands, call our team today, who will advise which machine will best meet your requirements.


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