Jun 02

Credit Card / Business Card USB Keys

One product that always catches the eye is the Credit Card USB Key. Brilliant for shows as a give away or for promotion of your latest products.

Being flat and business card / credit card shaped is great but being able to Photo Print both sides of the USB Key, right to the edge, means you can make the most of the advertising space it offers. It’s a great substitute for glossy brochures and catalogues. It can also be updated easily as the data stored is digital.

Like most other USB Keys it’s available from 64mb up to 16GB in size. We are able to supply you with the key printed with no data pre-loaded or we can add your data to the USB Key before you take delivery. Even if you didn’t purchase your USB Keys through Handisc you can still use our USB Duplication Serivce.


Credit Card USB Key

Credit Card USB Key

If purchased through Handisc you can rest assured that you’ve bought the highest quality key you can. Follow the link below to see what makes our USB Keys so special.

Why Handisc when it comes to USB Keys?

or check out the full details of the Wafer Series USB Key

Please feel free to get in touch with Handisc on 01264 335118 or info@handisc.co.uk and we can talk in more detail about the Wafer USB Key. Alternatively why not check out our full USB Key Range and see what else catches your eye. Branded USB Keys