Mar 24

Copy Protect your DVD Video

Over the years there have been so many ways to add copy protection to you DVD Video. The common factor between most of them is that they’ve not been simple or cost effective. Being able to secure you’re content and ensure you retain it’s value is still as important as ever so what can you use to protect your content without spending a fortune?

The good news is that there is now a simple, low cost solution available with our professional range of CopyWriter CD/DVD Towers. Using the CopyLock software we are now able to link our towers to a PC and protect the master image before its’ copied onto the tower.

Once the image is on the tower you can then make as many protected copies as you like without having to pay a fee per copied disc. You pay to protect the master and then unlimited copies of that master. This is what can make this copy protect solution very low cost.

Handisc also offers copy protection as part of our in house duplication service.

Talk to our Support Team on 01264 335118 or support@handisc.co.uk to find out more about DVD Video Protection.

Check our the CopyWriter CD/DVD Tower Duplicators page for more info on disc protection – http://www.handisc.co.uk/CD-DVD-Blu-Ray-Towers.html

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