Nov 15

Continous Ink System (CIS Kit) and the Xstreamjet Printer

One of the best ways to cut your costs but not effect your print quality is with a CIS Kit. Microtech now offer the Xstreamjet Inkjet Printer on the Xpress Range and X100 disc duplicator. The CIS Kit allows you to move away from standard cartridges and make use of the bulk filled refill.

Here are the key advantages of the Continuous Ink System on the Microtech XstreamJet

  • Bulk Ink systems mean you can run for longer periods. Cartridges don’t carry enough ink to run all night for example where the CIS Kit can hold a few thousand discs worth of Ink at any time.
  • Buying Ink in large 1 litre bottles means your print costs come down to under 3p per full colour print. Compare this to 14p or 20p+ on most other inkjet printers and you see exactly why the CIS Kit makes sense.
  • Waste Ink bottle – To work with the CIS the Xstreamjet has a separate waste ink bottle. This is key for a “production” printer and because it’s designed to run 24/7 you can’t rely on the cotton pads to soak up all that waste ink. The Xstreamjet has a vacume under the head to remove the waste ink which makes for a much cleaner printer. Most printers fill full of ink during their life time where the Xstreamjet gets rid of this excess/waste ink. This will improve the life of the printer.
XstreamJet Printer

XstreamJet Printer

For more information, pricing or sample prints please contact Handisc on 01264 335118 and find out how much you could save.