Aug 11

CD Duplication – FAQ

When talking to our customers about CD Duplication there are a few questions that come up time and time again so we thought we’d help with this FAQ. If there’s anything we’ve missed or you would like to know please feel free to get in touch or add a comment.

1. What is CD Duplication? – This is the process of taking a master CD (the disc you have created, with your data on) and copying  it, “bit for bit” using a professional disc duplicator, creating duplicated copies that are the same as the original master disc. The data is recorded onto the copies rather than pressed onto the copies during disc creation (pressing is replication)

2. How much data can you fit onto a CD-R? – 700mb or 80 minutes of audio.

3. Can you print directly onto the discs when duplicating? – Yes. You actually have more print choices when using the duplication service.

4. What print types are available? – Full Colour Inkjet / Full Colour Thermal / Black Thermal / Litho / Silk Screen

5. Which is the highest quality print? – This depends on your artwork and the image you are trying to print. Silk Screen or Litho prints are what you see in the shops when you buy a “mass produced” DVD or CD. However sometimes photos come out better on colour thermal printers and if you’re only printing text then the black thermal print will be great and very cost effective.

6. Are duplicated discs as compatible as pressed / replicated discs? – As long as a professional grade disc is used for the copies then there should be no playback or compatibility issues. We only use the highest grade professional CD-R’s in our duplication process to ensure our copies are of the highest quality.

7. Is CD Duplication quicker than CD Replication? – Yes. Replication can take anywhere from 5-10 days depending on the amount going through the factory and the type of job you want. With CD duplication we can start production immediately and in some cases can even complete jobs the same day. Duplication is normally aimed at low volume production and replication is for high volume but if you need a fast turnaround, duplication can often be the answer for both high and low volume.

8. What CD Duplication Equipment do we use?Microtech Xpress Duplicators

9. What if you are unable to create a master? – We can create this for you. We just need your content and this can be accepted in the following ways. Disc / USB Key / External Hard Drive / Email / FTP

10. How do I know duplication is right for me? – Get in touch with our Sales Team and they will help you through the whole process. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve we will be able to guide you to the right solution for you. We’ll ensure you get a great, cost effective product that we know you’ll love.

Contact us on 01264 335118 / info@handisc.co.uk

Or check our our CD duplication page on out site – http://handisc.co.uk/Disc-Duplication-Services.html