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Mar 28

The Rise & Rise of USB Key Costs

Over the past few years, we have been in the enviable position of the pricing for USB Memory Sticks becoming a viable purchase for most companies, however it looks like there is potential for the USB market to take quite a substantial u-turn……………………..

Oct 22

Product Spotlight: Microboards CopyWriter USB Duplicator

USB Tower 15

USB Keys, whether they are used in the office, or out and about as a marketing tool, never fail to make an impact. With a continual rise in demand, our customers are looking to take their USB copying into their own hands.

Sep 04

Fast Turnaround USB Keys – 24hr USB Key Production from Handisc

Fast Turnaround USB Keys

The inevitable always happens….a last minute event arranged, an exhibition at the end of the week or even a company conference in 2 days. Data needs to be collated and presented, which on paper would require a small forest! The alternative? Handisc’s 24 hour express USB production.

Jun 04

Customisable, Secure USB Keys from Handisc

Handisc is pleased to announce a new addition to our USB Key range. We can now offer password protected, customisable USB Keys at a great price.

Apr 11

We can upload, re-load or wipe data to and from your USB sticks.

Custom USB Key Copying

Whether you have been let down by another supplier, had a last minute change to your data or simply just couldn’t get your content ready in time, Handisc can upload or re-load data to your pre branded USB sticks.

Mar 22

What is the “AutoRun” function on USB Keys?

Key series USB Key

All of Handisc’s custom printed/custom made USB Keys all now come with the option of having an AutoRun function, but what is it and how will it benefit you?

Feb 21

Seen the SUPERSPEED USB logo brandishing around and wondered what it meant?

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Logo

So you’ve seen the SUPERSPEED Certified USB logo brandishing around, but what does all this mean?

Jan 03

How do I deliver my Talking Newspaper or Audio Books on USB Key?

Twister Series USB Key

Here at Handisc we have a long and established relationship with charities such as Calibre Audio Library, in assisting the process of bringing audio (also known as Talking) books, magazines and newspapers to the blind or partially sighted. From Cassette to CD and now USB Keys. Find out how we can help you produce Talking Books and Newpapers onto USB Key.

Dec 14

Who invented the USB Key?

Twister Series USB Key

With all good ideas, everyone likes to think they were the first to think of it and this is no different when its discussed as to who invented the USB flash drive.

Sep 20

USB Keys are a great Marketing tool and they’re more affordable than you think.

Branded Metal Tins

USB memory sticks have fast become one of the most popular promotional items for company advertising. You see them everywhere….hand outs at shows and give-aways at presentations. However many still shy away from what they believe to be an expensive accessory. Think again………………………..

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